About Us

The story of Bakhache Hampers and WISHFUL intertwines two distinct journeys that are united by a mutual aspiration to enhance gifting experiences and redefined luxury gifting. Their partnership in 2022 created new unprecedented heights across Asia and Australasia and harmoniously blended Bakhache Hampers' global treasures with WISHFUL's heartfelt curation. Thus, creating a new chapter in the gifting world that seamlessly merged opulence and emotion, leaving a lasting impression.


(Antoine Bakhache, Co-Founder)


Bakhache Hampers emerged in 2020, crafting 'Luxury in a Box' gifts, originating from the esteemed Bakhache Luxuries – a fusion of heritage and luxury, founded by Antoine Bakhache. Having lived in the US, Thailand, India, and Malaysia, he is a certified gemologist and has pioneered ventures ranging from events to jewellery, silverware, and food industries. Commencing in 2005 at Malaysia's vibrant heart, this legacy flourish, nurturing a familial enterprise guided by a dedicated collective. Bakhache Luxuries' opulent boutiques showcase an array of high-end marvels – from jewellery, silverware, fragrances, decor to culinary gems curated globally.

In 2019, WISHFUL Gifting embarked on its journey, spurred by the partnership of Priscilla Lim and Careen Tan. Evolving from humble beginnings with Full moon and Betrothal gifts, their venture transformed into a passionate ensemble of over 20 creatives and operational minds today. Their focus extended beyond aesthetics, aiming to foster connections and etch everlasting memories through their meticulously curated gifts.


 (Priscilla Lim, Co-Founder)
 (Careen Tan, Co-Founder)

Priscilla embarked on her path after graduating in Public Relations. Her experience spans from Fintech, Banking, Insurance, and wedding planning through co-founding Story & Matter before WISHFUL. Conversely, Careen's journey involves roles from preschool teaching to modeling, influencer, and marketing. Graduated with a Communications degree, she founded Chiq Fliq and The White Atelier.

From the legacy of Bakhache Hampers to the passion of WISHFUL, our partnership shapes a new era of gifting – both entities recognised the potential to amplify their impact by combining their distinct strengths. Step into our world and experience the harmonious blend of two distinct stories, united by a shared mission to redefine gifting – one partnership, one gift at a time.